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Date: Saturday, April 27, 2024.


Location: Ross School, 9 Lagunitas Road, Ross CA 94957


Day of Registration/Check-In:

All student speakers must register at the Ross School Rotunda (in the front of school) during either the AM or PM registration times (not both): 

  • 8:00 AM – If participating in Dramatic Interpretation and/or Impromptu 

  • 12:00 PM – If participating in Argument Speaking and/or Original Prose & Poetry (only need to register in the afternoon if did NOT participate in either of the morning events)


Fees: $50 Entry fee per student. One school check for the total number of participants is requested and should be mailed to:


Ross School
P.O. Box 1058
9 Lagunitas Road
Ross, CA 94957
Attn: MBST 2024


Dress Code

This is a high-image County event, and each student is a proud representative of his/her school. Students must be appropriately attired to address the judges and audience. Generally, no short shorts, flip flops, or tank tops.


Photography or Recording

Photography, recording, or videoing are strictly prohibited during presentations as this is disruptive and disrespectful to other participating students, parents, and tournament officials. 


Cell Phones

Cell phones must be turned off or put on silent in any of the contest rooms.



Friends and family are allowed to be in the rooms as audience members to silently observe the contest. No food or drink is allowed in the rooms.


Access to Event Rooms

Once the Room Moderator has closed the door to an event room, no participant or spectator will be allowed to enter or exit the room. This rule is to prevent and limit any disruptions or distractions that may directly affect a speaker's performance or the focus of the judges. If a speaker is late to an event, he/she will be counted as a no-show and not admitted. 



Limited judges’ parking is available on the back playground and is accessed from Allen Avenue. Parents, contestants, and all others, please use street parking. Please observe posted parking signs on town streets. 



All students receive a Certificate of Participation. First, second, and third-place medals are awarded to the winners of each classroom contest. Ties are possible. A Grand Champion, 2nd Champion, and 3rd Champion trophy will be awarded for each grade level. Grand Champions are based on cumulative points achieved in the tournament. Entering two or more events (up to three events permitted) enhances a student’s chances of winning a Grand Champion trophy. 


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